eyeOS incorporates in a single place, accessible from a browser, all the applications that users need in their work environment. Inspired by massive cloud services, the eyeOS architecture offers a flexible solution with high availability.

The cloud workplace with all the corporate functionalities you need

The eyeOS virtual desktop based on web technology.

eyeOS Digital Workspace is made of a web desktop and an HTML5 virtualization engine for non-web applications (client-server applications or productivity type applications such as Office).

The web desktop includes native web apps to visualize, share and manage files from the cloud, as well as cooperative tools. It also manages the access to the company's web and virtualized applications.

The virtual desktop is centrally controlled by an administrator that can define different user profiles to set permissions and customize the desktop to each profile.

The perfect hybrid balance

eyeOS smartly combines the traditional VDI vision and the already known cloud concept. By combining the best of both worlds, we have created a platform that unites web services and app virtualization. For the first time, companies can map the migration towards the workplace in the cloud of their employees without giving up on their legacy applications.

With a web environment that emulates a desktop and organizes the access to all the applications, the more web apps there are, the less the user will use virtualized apps. This reduces the level of concurrency for virtualization and allows dimensioning the central infrastructure more appropriately. It generates savings in structural costs.

With the customization of this web workplace, users obtain a unique experience: the best of the web environment with virtualized apps only when necessary.



With the capacities and work areas of a traditional desktop defined in a web environment. Allows the user to have multiple app windows with quick access to resources. Includes a connectivity quality indicator with the remote servers.


After login with the organization's Active Directory or LDAP, the user accesses the web desktop.


eyeRun has two functionalities: 1. To allow users to work with their cloud files using local apps in the local device. It will automatically be saved to the cloud. It is particularly convenient when used for multi user PCs or simply to reduce the concurrency of users consuming virtualization resources. 2. To link the local drive files –including USB storage devices– with the virtualization apps. It is an executable that is installed in the local device.

Highly productive

HTML5 application virtualization

From the eyeOS virtual web desktop the user launches virtualized applications –Windows or Linux– that are executed in virtual machines in a remote Data Center.

With eyeRun activated, the user can work on local documents from the virtualized applications.


This eyeOS native web application offers access to cloud stored files, with a User interface similar to a traditional file manager. The administrator can activate the connectivity option with the company's shared drives (through Active Directory); the user can see the files in those drives directly from the eyeOS file manager, and edit them with the virtual application, enjoying a unified experience.


This eyeOS native web application allows viewing files in the main formats (office, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc.).

Very useful tool for users that do not need to edit documents but simply read them. It reduces the need to use virtualization resources, thus saving infrastructure costs.

People and Chat

This eyeOS native application allows viewing the public profiles of the company's users, checking their connection status as well as launching a communication chat if they are connected.


eyeOS native collaboration environment for the users to share files or documents easily.


Unique and hybrid approach of eyeos
  • Minimal server infrastructure as the web desktop and its native applications (file management, document viewing, business applications web-version use, etc.) can reduce the concurrency of virtual applications.
  • Desktop customization to meet the company's needs.
  • Natural cooperation between the company users.
Workplace centralization
  • Immediate deployment of the new app versions to all users.
  • App version control
  • Profile definition with unique privileges and selective access to applications
  • Usage statistics
Workplace independent from local device
  • Possibility of working with thin Clients, old PCs with low power or computers that are not under the company's control.


Need to extend the life of obsolete pcs

It is a common problem: the end of XP support, the migration to new Windows versions, the lack of power of some PCs, the cost of replacing them...
eyeOS offers an elegant and cost saving response:

  • Turn these PCs into Thin clients
  • The PC may run a thin Linux OS with the sole purpose of running the browser and accessing the resources thanks to eyeOS

Extend the life of legacy applications (e. g., 32 bit apps on Win XP)

The new PCs, devices and OS are not compatible with the old business applications. With eyeOS Digital Workplace, these applications may be virtualized to run them remotely on a compatible OS.

The local device only requires an HTML5 browser to access all the company's resources.

Central management of the workplace

eyeOS allows virtualizing the complete workplace from a central infrastructure. The administrator can define different user profiles and associate each one of them to access privileges and apps to access.
Additionally, he can centrally manage the versions and new deployments.

Legacy applications in the cloud

Software manufacturers look for financial alternatives to offer their business applications in SaaS mode without having to rewrite the code so that it is compatible with browser use.

Thanks to the eyeOS technology, they can be remotely virtualized using compatible OS for their service use, allowing the user to have a modern and up-to-date environment without giving up on the existing traditional services.
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