eyeOS offers a global partner program with a cooperation relationship between the company and the partners.

Managing the workplace is a crucial aspect for many IT departments. eyeOS provides a unique and advanced solution which is capable of satisfying the different needs of the clients, however, the partner plays an essential part in the process of adopting new solutions and client services.

To facilitate this vital role, we have built a specialized communication channel with integrators, service providers and local, national and international distributors. The eyeOS partners have access to an extensive network of own and specialized resources, as well as support for developing business opportunities. Simply by being an eyeOS partner, you will also have access to a network of new contacts of other companies in the industry which have enrolled in this program.

This collaboration is aimed at supporting business opportunities and boosting growth. Working closely with the product developer guarantees you access to detailed knowledge of future improvements, and launches, so that you will always be able to offer your client the best solutions and services.

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