Windows or Linux desktops are virtualized centrally and offered directly via a browser. Centralized management is a now reality, which always offers the desired version of the operating system, according to each user profile.

Deliver a complete desktop, always under control

eyeOS Full Desktop is based on the eyeOS HTML5 virtualization engine in order to give the user a comprehensive and high-performance operating system (Windows or Linux). Centralized data centers offer an unrivaled experience, including on older devices. The data processing center handles the major tasks, allowing the final device to simply consume information remotely.

The user accesses Windows through their browser without the need for any local agents, thanks to the HTML5 client that is integrated into the solution.

The working environment available in a browser

The HTML5 virtualization technology created by eyeOS allows the working environment to be totally separated from the access device. The high-performance virtualization engine offers a transparent user experience, without having to install anything on the local device.

The sole requirement for the access devices is an HTML5 browser.

Productivity has no limits: with eyeOS Full Desktop, you can virtualize the Windows operating system that your workers are familiar with.


Benefits of traditional VDI
Total centralization of the workplace with zero changes to the user experience, closed and protected virtual environment, compatible with a thin client workplace.
Benefits of the eyeOS solution
  • Lower cost of infrastructure: Thanks to a greater concentration of virtual machines that eyeOS' technological solution achieves per server, eyeOS Full Desktop implies savings compared to traditional VDI solutions.
  • Direct access from a browser without the need to install a local agent.


Extending the life of obsolete PCs

Common problems: the end of XP support, migration to new versions of Windows , PCs that lack power, the cost of replacing them...
eyeOS offers multiple solutions to these issues:
  • Converting these PCs into thin clients, moving resource-heavy tasks to the remote server.
  • The PC could then run a thin Linux OS with the sole purpose of running the browser and accessing all the resources thanks to eyeOS.

Minimising change for the end users

By using environments that the users already know, the cost of change management and rejection rate in implementing the new tool are reduced.
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