eyeOS for Apps is the eyeOS product for virtualizing applications. It provides users with local access to corporate or productivity applications via their PC, even though they are running remotely from a centralized infrastructure. Centralized on-demand app management is made a reality with a single click.

Applications available anywhere with a browser

eyeOS for Apps is the eyeOS product for virtualizing applications. Based on the same technological components of eyeOS Digital Workplace and eyeOS Full Desktop, it allows virtualized applications to be delivered to the user, which are accessed via a link through the local OS.

The solution includes a local agent which connects the local files on the device to the virtual app, providing a transparent and unified user experience.
Total simplicity in accessing virtualized apps.

All business applications on demand

Manage the life cycle of apps centrally with agility. Centralized apps management allows for speedy updates without any loss of service. Forget about the classic limitations of app virtualization solutions: eyeOS for Apps is the first solution that can virtualize any type of application. The days of suffering with legacy apps in limited environments are over.

Business applications are key elements in workforce productivity. With eyeOS for Apps, you can offer all your on-demand apps anywhere. Device independence is the key to guaranteeing maximum mobility and efficiency.


Minimum change management cost for users
eyeOS for Apps provides total integration of the user's local OS with the remote application. This results in a unified user experience, reducing the cost of adopting the solution down to a bare minimum. With a simple icon on the local desktop, the user has to access their applications as usual.
Access control
By using remote applications, different user profiles, with different levels of access to the apps can be designed. This makes it possible to restrict full control of the local work space so that access to the company's applications can be centrally managed.
Single sign-on with the company's active directory
  • Using Active Directory, the user can log in to the eyeOS service and access the company applications remotely, with the same credentials they use to access the traditional corporate resources. Guaranteeing this compatibility is essential, as AD is the most commonly used service implementation on the market.


Client-server applications services in the cloud

Numerous Windows XP-based applications (32-bit) are still business critical. PC renewal and migration to Windows 7, 8 or 10 would result in having to abandon these applications.
eyeOS makes it possible to virtualize these applications and offer them from new PCs or any machine with an HTML5 browser. Consequently, there are no limitations to maintaining your business critical applications.
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